Born in Beirut, boudi dib is a Lebanese fashion designer. His first memories of childhood take him back to the visits to his grandfather's workplace. A modest setting with a single sewing machine catering high quality suits for men. As he was growing up his curiosity and interest in the world of design and tailoring was growing with him. He recalls spending his summer vacations to the sound of sewing machines in the atelier of his father. boudi's passion for designing motivated him to follow the footsteps of his father and grandfather .
In 2000, after having obtained his Masters degree in Economics he traveled to the fashion city of Milano, Italy. He specialized in design and tailoring at Istituto Secoli, which is a highly acclaimed and reputable school of fashion. His instructors and colleagues were the firsts to discover his unparalleled talent.In returning to his home country boudi dib took his father's atelier a step further and a level higher, giving a whole new dimension to tailoring. His passion for designing coupled with his attention to detail brought forth garments of the finest quality.In 2010 he started his own brand made to measure tailoring: ' boudi dib su misura ' . Today not only boudi dib is one of the most sought after designers in men's suits but he also leaves his own unique signature of quality and sophistication in every piece that he creates..
In the quiet privacy of his elegant Fashion House 'boudi dib' attends to the personal needs and requests of his clients. He will help you select the fabric,color, model and fit down to the last detail as the pockets and bottons based on  your physical structure and personal style. 
Made to fit you perfectly, two appointments follow: The first to take measurements and discuss your special requirements; the second for a fitting with fine tuning. The results : A flawless and an impeccable garment.